ActFuture a rejoint le réseau QRCA particulièrement implanté en Amérique du Nord !

Meet These New Members Who Joined QRCA over the Summer

Isabelle Fabry, ActFuture (France)

How would you describe yourself in three words or phrases?

Curious about everything, very dynamic, creative.

Next to your QRCA member position, what is your daily job?

I am the manager of an Intelligence Marketing Agency specialized in qualitative, quantitative, and creative studies both in France and on the international stage.

What do you like most about your job?

I love this job being in perpetual motion, with ever different and surprising projects, and the daily challenge that they imply.

What have you studied/what is your background?

My background is rich and varied, reflecting my character. I’m a graduate of an international business school, I hold a Master’s degree in marketing, a Master’s degree in semiotics, and on top of this I studied behavioral psychology for five years and I’m a master-implementer and a coach in neurolinguistics programming.

What is your favorite song to get through the day?

Listening to Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers” gives me a lot of energy—by the way, it’s the music I play when I wake up in the morning.

During my time off, you can find me . . . (An activity or time spend you like)

I love saving time for myself. This is essential for my own personal balance. I practice Power Plate a lot for physical exercise. Other than this, I simply love reading, daydreaming, and doing nothing.

My favorite food is . . .

I love all the different cuisines of the world, with a real preference for Japanese, Thai, or Indian food.

My dream is . . .

The mission of my life is to be happy and make the people around me happy. More concretely, advance everything within the scope of my field of life. Marketing, which allows me to give positive advice to my clients, offers me a great opportunity to carry out my mission day after day.

What is your goal in being a QRCA member?

My objectives in being a QRCA member are multiple:

  • Be an active and faithful member of QRCA and become more and more active with time and experience.

  • Benefit from a fast communications platform between France and international market research at qualitative level.

  • Create a powerful and efficient link with some members in order to reach the higher level of results for clients.

  • Last, keep an ever more open, imaginative, and creative mind, aiming at excellence by modeling the Best Practices observed at QRCA from people around the world.

What did you want to be when you were young?

I didn’t really know. I wanted the field of possibilities of choice to remain as open as possible, and the highest intellectual stimulation I could afford. Thus, the way up the ladder of my life opened ahead of me.

What would be your advice for young talents in MR?

Keep moving, cultivate your curiosity, take thoughtfully planned chances, and make sure that you always feel alive.

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